Friday, October 29, 2010

So excited!!!

I'm so excited for tomorrow! Me and Darcie and our girls are going out shopping to get the last of the stuff for the baby shower that I'm throwing for her precious baby Emery. I'm excited about the good food and I'm really happy with how the present I "made" her turned out. I hope lots of people come, we have a really good time and she gets all the stuff she needs.

I'm also excited to get my bday/Christmas present from my sister! A new camera and long lens! 2nd best present ever, 1st was Lyla. :)

And I'm excited to see my boyfriend who I haven't seen all week!! I miss him! I wish I could've gone to the beach and stayed in a hotel with him while he's finishing this job. But oh well my reason for not being able to is a good one and I'm sure there'll be more times to go in the future. And hopefully we get to go to the zoo next week!!!

And!!! Halloween is this weekend!! I get to dress my little girl as a hula girl and take her to get her favorite thing!! CANDY!! Then hang out with the Platt family!!