Monday, July 30, 2012

Funny Things...

I decided to do a "Funny Things Lyla says" post cause she's been pretty funny lately.

  • I wish Dozer could play baseball with me and my friends
  • We were laying in bed watching Tangled and out of nowhere she says "That's the dumbest thing I've already heard!"
  • God damns sake- I have a bad habit of saying for God's sake when she's not cooperating with what I'm trying to do.
  • I burned the part of the corn dog that sits on the pan and she asked if it was a bone and if she could still eat it.
  • She wanted to put this big rubber band on my arm (that you use to hold meat together in the rotisserie) I told her no and she said you're kidding me right?!
  • Old Macdonald had some pants oidee oidee oidee
  • I was eating some sun chips before breakfast and Lyla came out and sat with me so we shared them. Lyla told me "I like sharing chips with you in the morning"
  • When my mom and Lyla were camping my mom lost her phone so while her and Lyla were walking around trying to find it my mom told Lyla that if they don't find it I'd be upset that I couldn't call them and Lyla said " yeah, Mommy will kick your ass!"

I'm sure there are lots more but these were the highlights of last week! Hope you're having an awesome Monday!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Pregnancy Update-30 Weeks

How far along? 30
Total weight gain: I lost 4 total but I'm back up 2.
Maternity clothes?  Oh yes, I can still fit in normal jeans but baby sits so low that it hurts to have tight stuff on me.
Stretch marks? Old ones have gotten darker and some have gotten bigger.
Sleep: Horrible.. I'm either waking up to pee or in pain.
Best moment this week: Being on vacation!! Love the beach!
Miss anything? Sleep
Movement: Lots..I think he does somersaults.
Food cravings: Mexican food
Anything making you queasy or sick: The baby moves so much that it makes me nauseous sometimes.
Gender: Boy
Labor signs: I'm hoping its not but I've been having some sharp pains in my cervix area and when I had that happen when I was pregnant with Lyla I found out they were making me dilate.
Symptoms: exhausted, round ligament pain, swelling, carpal tunnel
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? Off :( They're on a necklace right now.
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody probably..
Looking forward to:Baby shower and meeting this little one!


Saturday my sister and I dropped Lyla off with my mom for a few days of camping.

Of course we had to roast some marshmallows!
Tuesday we went back to pick her up and decided to go on a nature trail hike. And I didn't die or go into labor!

Lyla was to exhausted to walk so Aunt Cindy had to carry her.
5 Mins after being back she was passed out!

Her awesome bed head the day after coming home from camping!

I don't know where she found this but I keep seeing her with it. I take it away and she finds it again!

Next week I'll be on a big family vacation so I'll probably be sharing lots of pretty pics! If you don't follow me on instagram you should! @jennx88x   Have a great weekend!

life rearranged

young and restless


Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap..

Our weekend started on Friday because Adam took the day off! 

First I wanted to start with Thursday! Thursday I started my 27th week of pregnancy, the last week of my second trimester!

Friday me, Adam and Lyla went to the drag races with my father in law and his best friend.. I love the picture of Lyla with her Grandpa Phil. She loves both her grandpa's very much! It was a HOT day out there and by the end of the day I was pretty miserable. After the races we went to Walmart where we bought a bunch of random crap while looking for a dresser for the baby's room. Went to a few furniture stores after that where Lyla decided she needs bunk beds! Umm.. maybe in 5 years kid!

Saturday we went to a birthday party for Lyla's second cousin Malia. She loves to play with Malia and her little sister Kendall. After playing her little heart out at the party we went to do some more furniture shopping and FINALLY decided on a dresser and also got a new bookcase. Came home and Adam put them together while I made dinner and Lyla napped. We also watched Jack and Jill, pretty funny movie.

Sunday morning Adam cleaned the house for me while I worked on laundry and then went to his parents for a bit to work on the race car. Adam also left yesterday for a work trip so Lyla and I did a little shopping with his mom and then came home. After Lyla went to sleep I went to bed to watch some Bridezillas and read.. And also enjoy some Kiwi Lemonade. This lemonade is primarily on the east coast but my sister found some at a Walmart nearby and I had to get one! I looooove them. So if you live on the east coast and would like to mail me some shoot me an email! haha..

Have a great week!!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

I saw this on a blog I really like, nuef vies, and I really liked her so I decided to do my own! Hope you get to know me better..

If you really knew me you'd know I struggle with feeling like I'm a good mom, wife and homemaker. Especially during this pregnancy.

If you really knew me you'd know I also struggle with making friends.. I'd love to have a big group of mommy friends that I can get together with and our kids can be friends for life and we can have mommy night outs and go shopping together and all that.

If you really knew me you'd know I looooove chocolate and almost anything with caffeine!

If you really knew me you'd know I'm very stubborn!

If you really knew me you'd know that it's not just pregnancy that makes me cry at silly things on tv! I do it all the time!

If you really knew me you'd know I believe in ghosts and that my grandma and other family members who have passed watch over me.

If you really knew me you'd know this pregnancy all I want to eat is mexican food!

If you really knew me you'd know I have horrible pregnancy brain and this is all I can come up with right now!!

Hope you're having a great week!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What do I do??

I'm sure it has something to do with the new baby coming but I don't know how to handle this.. Lyla has been destroying things, getting into things she's not supposed to, back talking.. etc.. She's never been like this before. I honestly haven't even really ever had to discipline her. So how do I start now? At  3 1/2 years old..

These pics are from the baby's room.. She decided she'd go paint while I was doing the dishes..

I feel like I'm going to totally lose it..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a pretty eventful 4th of July!!

We started the day with me, my sister and Lyla going to my husbands work so he could put some new axles in her car.. (What doesn't everyone use a forklift to lift the car??) On our way back to my house the car started acting weird so we quickly pulled over and waited a half hour for my husband and our friend Mike to get there.. While we waited not one person stopped to make sure everything was ok!!! Luckily it was just one of the axles had popped out and they were able to pop it back in.
The plan for the holiday was to go to my inlaws for the day.. We hung around there while my husband worked on the race car, Lyla played and I read my book and talked to my mother in law.. Lyla played a little fishing game with grandpa and after dinner and dessert we decided to talk the dogs for a walk. So 4 dogs, 4 adults and 4 kids went on a walk.. Worst walk EVER!!! Some kids down the street lit fireworks when we were right next to them!! So all the dogs freaked, which made them totally anxious the whole walk!!
After the walk we got all the chairs from out back and got everyone situated to walk the fireworks. Lyla got to do some sparklers for the first time. She loved them! (That was the best pic of her "waiting" that I got!)
When it got dark we let my niece Carissa start lighting some of the little (legal) fireworks that my in laws bought.. And the neighbors down the street always go all out so we got to see some pretty neat (illegal) ones too. Adam thinks they spend a couple thousand dollars on fireworks every year!! Pretty crazy!

We left there at about 10:30 and Lyla passed out in the car, didn't even wake up when I got her out of the car! And lucky me, she slept until 8 this morning!

I hope everyone had a great 4th and has an even better upcoming weekend!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last weeks recap

Last week was a crappy weather week.. Well the last month has been kind of crappy but according to the weather channel app it's supposed to get nice so hopefully Lyla and I can start doing the fun stuff on our Summertime Bucket List! But here's a look into what we did last week!

I let Lyla do my make up! She's wonderful huh? She's available for weddings, proms, etc. She also did a little water color painting in some pajamas that are waaay to small.

We watched a little cartoons inside our laundry basket and fell asleep in our pegasus costume.

We had a little party for our stuffies and someone drew all over herself and some places at grandma and grandpa's and made mommy have a little melt down.  

And the baby is now 25 weeks in utero! We're almost into the 3rd trimester!

 As you can see the life of a stay at home mom is never dull! haha.. But I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world!