Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Friendly Fall Swap

I love love love fall! And I love to do fun little gift swaps! So, when I saw Alicia's post on Instagram of course I had to join in on the fun! I got partnered with the lovely Desiree who blogs at Macke Monologues and she is soooo sweet and has the most adorable little boy! And let me tell you! She sent me some pretty sweet stuff!

Desiree sent me these cute socks (my daughter and I love funky socks!), a yummy caramel apple candy, m&m's, a little pad and pens (and just like her I love to make lists!), a starbucks gift card! (who doesn't love Sbux??), a mug, a scented candle that makes me hungry it smells so good, a sparkly pink insulated cup, some nude nail polishes that match the gorgeous scarf she also got me! I feel blessed to have gotten to "meet" this lovely lady!

Wore my new scarf to Lyla's Harvest Party at school! So comfy and warm.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Life lately via my Iphone

We haven't been to busy lately since school has started.. We've gone to a few pumpkin patches and this weekend will be going to a Halloween Fantasy Trail. But mostly we've just kinda hung out at home or at Grandma and Grandpa's.

 Lyla built her first fort by herself! Her and Buck played in it for quite awhile. You can see him down by her feet.
 Doesn't everyone eat breakfast in a tutu?
Somebody is getting his own couch for Christmas. He loves hers. I find him in her room sitting on it, hanging out all the time.

We carved some pumpkins at Grandma and Grandpa's. Left: Lyla's Princess pumpkin (done by mommy) Right: Buck's self portrait pumpkin (done by daddy)

 Lyla and I did a little Halloween decorating! She loves to decorate for the holidays.
 Daddy got a new motor for the race car and Buck had to check it out.
Someone has also learned to take his clothes off so they're always half on or not on at all now!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend!!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Philip's (Mickey Mouse) Clubhouse Birthday!

I'm finally going to get to do a post about Buck's first birthday! I chose Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because I thought it was cute and I wanted to have a "Hot Diggity Dog" bar! Well, it became an awesome choice because he is obsessed with Mickey and LOVES to dance to the songs on the show. I'm going to have to see if I can find a video of him dancing to it! So here are the pics!

I made a photo banner of his monthly pics from birth to 1 yr

A good thing about doing Mickey's clubhouse is that you can buy a bunch of things in just red, black and yellow. For the cups I bought red/black and then decorated them with Mickey stickers.

Printed those out and cut them out.

Not the cutest smash cake ever but Adam and I really like to make the birthday cakes. Adam even makes me a cake for my birthday.

Pinterest Fail.. The oreos didn't stay on very well.

Ate his first hot dog! Don't worry, it was all beef,no nitrates/nitrites and cut in tiny pieces!

And then all 5 of them were on it and it broke!

Loved opening presents!

Takin a break!

He was getting tired and grumpy..

And then we started singing!

He was over the smash cake after only a few minutes.

And happy again!
Hope you all enjoyed the pics! I can't wait to start planning Lyla's 5th birthday!
Happy Thursday!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Totally bummed!

We had Buck's first birthday party on the 6th but I haven't been able to share pics from it because my computer is down!!! Hope to be able to share soon!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life is crazy!

I have so so so much to do to get ready for Buck's birthday party and not a lot of time. His party is Sunday and Adam is racing all day Saturday. My house also looks like a tornado came through. The only reason I have time to blog right now is because Buck is asleep on the couch so I don't want to be loud and wake him up. 

Last week the little man didn't sleep well at all.. Friday afternoon he took a short nap and woke up sooo cranky. He also felt a little warm so I took his temp.. 100.6 so I gave him a little tylenol and figured he was just teething. He woke up at 3 Saturday morning and was burning up.. 102.8. Gave him some ibuprofen and cuddled him until he went back to sleep. He would also cry and shake any time I took his temp in his ear. Talked to my sister in the morning (She's an MA and I go to her with my medical questions) and she said I should probably take him in to urgent care.. Double ear infection. My poor boy.. This is the second time he's had more than just a cold in his short one year of life. I really hope that the rest of the year is a healthy one for him!