Sunday, April 17, 2011

Highlights of my weekend..

Staying up to late just to watch a movie with my love.

Lounging around trying to decide; Patio Furniture or Picnic table, Crab Sandbox or homemade sandbox.

Going to pick up crab sandbox and picnic table.

Eating Subway for dinner in the truck at a park while it's pouring down rain.

Going to Michaels for my Easter wreath making stuff.

Going to Bunco at Adam's aunt Mona's and an awesome night with a bunch of great women.

My baby screaming so excitedly when I got back.

Setting up the sandbox and picnic table in our backyard.

Watching Lyla play in the sandbox.

The Tulip Festival!! Watching Lyla ride a pony while there.

Eating dinner at our new picnic table.

Cuddling and watching Celebrity Apprentice.

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