Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I really hope (when the time comes) that I am able to plan my own very special, very perfect wedding of my dreams.. (Lord knows I messed up before) I've recently been introduced to some awesome blogs for weddings and various other events.. Such as: The Found Blog, Marigold Vintage Event Rentals, Green Wedding Shoes
My BFF Nicki wants a wedding similar to mine, hers a little more country (no I do not mean redneck) and mine a little more glamour for lack of a better word that won't come to me. So I'm hoping that even with the distance between us that when the time comes we can help each other plan.

Here are a few of the things I like..

This little couch.

Chairs like this white one.

Tables like this..

And these! To hold various things..


  1. Jenn, you didn't mess up, you just had a test run! Practice makes perfect, right!?

    No matter how many miles between us, you will be my right hand man when planning my big day!

  2. Aww you made me get all teary eyed!