Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've been neglecting my blogging!! I'm horrible. Cause I know you all care oh so much. I've also been neglecting my cooking creativity. I honestly can't even really remember what we ate for dinner all last week except the Papa Murphy's that isn't really on our diet. I really need to make the bagels that my friend Mary gave me the recipe for.. And the bread that I've wanted to make for months that my friend Christina gave me the recipe for. And other homemade, healthy non/low sugar things!

But anyway.. Cookie is fitting into our family great. She's a major snorer but other than that she's pretty great. Dozer has been kinda acting out but I'm sure that'll stop soon. One of our giant goldfish is missing an eye and we're not sure how it happened. Lyla counted to 8 all by herself!! And she's quite funny lately. Adam.. Well he works a lot but had a 3 day weekend which was really nice. We didn't do much but it was still nice. We did get the Blazer ready to sell and parked it in the street so I can park the Jeep in the driveway now! Woohoo!! And we went to a BBQ at his sisters house with the family, that's always a good time!

Hmm.. I think that's all for now! I'm going to go make lasagna!

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