Thursday, May 12, 2011

Funny Stuff Thursdays!

I just made this up.. I'm going to post funny things Lyla has said through out the week!

This was our conversation just now:
Lyla: Get it!!
Me: Get what?
Lyla: Get it fries!
Me: What fries? We don't have any.
Lyla: Go to the store!

In the car the other day..
Lyla: That scared me!!
Me: What scared you?
Lyla: Yeah seriously!

Lyla right after she woke up the other morning.
Lyla: Uummm I want anoder one.
Me: Another what?
Lyla: Uuuummm yeah!
Me: What???
Lyla: (yells) YEAH!!!

When I want to brush her hair... As she's running away..
"No keeks Mommy!! No keeks!" (No thanks)

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