Thursday, May 5, 2011


First off I wanna say... If you're in the middle of a convo on any kind of chat it is rude to get offline.It is like hanging up the phone without saying goodbye. So yeah! Don't do it again.

Next, why the heck does my cursor not go down when I hit the enter button on here? It's driving me nuts!

Third, I really need a desk! Our counter looks to cluttered! And I really need to sit in a chair with a back on it.

Fourth! Adam has told me for a month that he will get me 4 D batteries from work so I can use the elliptical machine! Do I have batteries yet? No I do not!! I better have them by Saturday!

Fifth. This stabbing pain in my brain needs to go away. It's been 3 days now, please stop.

Sixth. This post is totally just a rambling vent but it's my blog and I can write what I want!

Seventh. Where the heck did all Lyla's socks go?? I know half of them don't fit her and/or don't have matches but the whole basket of socks is empty! Guess I need to do laundry and buy her some new ones. But if she doesn't stop changing her clothes 6 times a day I'm teaching her how to do her own laundry!

Umm.. I think that is all.


  1. this post makes me smile... sorry about your headache though. I love your ranting and yes you should teach her how to clean her clothes!!!

  2. Haha she does like to put stuff inthe washer and dryer and likes to play with the knobs so we may have something here!