Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanksgiving in May

Tonight we are *fingers crossed* having a sorta Thanksgiving dinner. My mom gave me a ginormous (ginormous is really a word?) 24lb turkey yesterday and I let it sit in my sink all night to unthaw and started cooking it a couple hours ago after running into many problems, the neck may or may not be inside it (the inside cavity was a tad frozen still and I couldn't feel anything to pull out) I tried to put it into a turkey bag but doing it myself didn't work, it was so heavy it just ripped through the other side! And of course I couldn't find my turkey baster! I'm thinking Lyla hid it somewhere, thank god for cooking syringes! Now I must go watch the rest of episode 32 of Friday Night Lights on Netflix on my new Roku before Adam gets home.


  1. I love the word ginormous :)

  2. My computer didn't put a squiggly underneath it so it must be a real word too!