Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

I used to take lots more pictures but then I got my really nice camera so I don't like my phone pics as much, but I don't always carry my camera so I think this will be a good way to take more pics.

We went shoe shopping on Sunday.. Adam wanted Lyla to get these boots and put them on her in probably the hardest way possible!

Shoe shopping was exhausting her..

She very obviously loves her new boots. She thought the boots, underwear, a tshirt and headband were the perfect outfit!

At Safeway/Starbucks while waiting for our coffee Lyla pointed to the sign and said "That means coffee mommy!" She also thinks every time we go to Safeway she needs "coffee" (hot chocolate/chocolate milk).

Having our own homemade "coffee" in special tea cups. Gotta use the special stuff sometimes.

Wednesday we went shopping. Lyla got these adorable sweater dresses and some other cute stuff!

Yeah, she's pretty cool.

While cleaning out my grandma's old sewing table I found these. She used to sew them into things. Made me miss her very much! R.I.P Grandma! We love you!

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