Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween 1988-89(?)

I usually just blog about the day to day stuff or post my pictures but today I'm going to blog about the past!!
So, in either 1988 or 89 (not positive which one) my little sister was in Kindergarten and I was in 2nd grade. Well she got reallllly sick. Like a sick that in the old days was fatal.. She had pneumonia and scarlet fever both at the same time. She had such a high fever that the skin from her hands and feet were peeling.. Not good! She ended up having to be in the hospital for awhile and was going to miss Halloween and trick or treating. My grandma had a great idea (she really had LOTS of great ideas in her life). We would get a brown bag and paint a cross (like the red cross symbol) and trick or treat for her! So we got all dressed up in our costumes, got our bags ready and got the extra bag for my sister and set out to go get our loot! But what we didn't think about were the rude people who didn't believe us! They thought that we were just out to get more candy! Really people?! Like at 7-8 I could come up with an idea like that! And that my grandma would go along with it! So if you're reading this and you ever come across a situation like that just give them the candy!


  1. I remember that.. And I remember you coming to the hospital, and you gave me like half your candy, because most people wouldn't give you any for me. And I also met tony the tiger that year! ahhh, this post brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I am terrible at comment on blogs...but it is so nice when people take the comment on mine! I love the little tick or treat story...a true act of sisterly love!