Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yes, I know..

I've really been thinking about this.. I want to start blogging more.. I want it to be more than just pictures of my little big girl.. I want people to really enjoy reading my blog. I want more followers. I want my followers to say to their friends hey did you read this on this blog? But where do I start? Any ideas?!


  1. I started by all the linky parties!! Ok I dont have very many followers aside from friends and family but I have made a few extra so far.. Take a photo of you and lyla or upload one of you and her in the car, i like those ;) and write or dont write about it then link it up on here: and then do this every thursday! And people from her blog will see it and look at it and then comment. And while you are there comment on other posts.

  2. I also link up to other blogs. don't have a huge following but I do have quite a few readers from the blogs I link up with.

  3. I'm trying to link up too - I'm a new following from the follow fest. Thanks for following back. :)