Monday, November 7, 2011

Ahh yes. Monday, we meet again.

Days of the week don't really mean all that much to me except that my husband is home on Sundays and usually most of Saturday. This last weekend wasn't super exciting but it was nice to spend time together before he has to go to Seattle for work (3 days) this week.
Saturday he still wasn't feeling very good so when he got home from work he slept most of the day. Lyla played in her room a lot and I played on the computer.
Sunday though we decided we needed to get out of the house so we went to his parents house to work on the motor for the race car.. And I actually got to help some this time. I'm hoping this will lead to helping more. I snapped a few pics..
Scraping the old goop off the block.
Lyla walking with Great Grandma and her dog Callie
Playing bean bag toss with Grandma
One of her favorite things to do over there. (Guess who's getting refrigerator magnets for her birthday?)

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  1. I'm sorry you dont get to see your hubby much. Looks like Lyla had fun at grandmas!