Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My In-Laws

Grandma napping with Lyla

Today I'm thankful for my in-laws.. They are such wonderful people. From the minute Lyla and I came into their family they've accepted us and loved us. They love Lyla just like they love their other grandkids. And anytime Adam is out of town if I need anything I just have to call them. Anytime I have parenting questions I can always ask his mom (She's been a preschool teacher, been through early childhood education classes and a parent obviously). She knows so much. His dad is so funny. Adam's personality is just like his. It cracks me up how much they're alike. And it's nice that he wants me to be a part of the race car stuff. I feel truly blessed to have them as my in laws.


  1. I love the pictures on the beach... so pretty! It sounds like you have wonderful in-laws.

    New follower here from the blog hop.

  2. The beach is gorgeous! So glad you have such wonderful in-laws! :-)