Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok that I've been pretty lazy lately. (my husband is on vacation and home with us this week and I'd rather spend time with him)

It's ok that my daughter and I had spaghetti for breakfast yesterday.

It's ok that my husband and I are eating like crap this week because for the next few months we have to eat really good so he'll be able to race in April.

It's ok that I wore my comfy boots with my christmas dress because my dressy shoes don't fit anymore for some reason.

It's ok that we want to spend 600-1000$ to buy a tread climber. We both need it.

It's ok that we probably won't do anything for New Years Eve, even though I really want to.


  1. OMG i want the tread climber so badly!!!! Let me know if you guys like it!!!

  2. I have been eating like crap too lately! It's so time for me to get back on the "healthy" wagon!

  3. love this girl! for me, it's ok that i basically laid in bed all day while hubs was sweet and cleaned the kitchen and organized the bills. somedays you just need rest.

    happy happy new year!

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