Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Honesty is the best policy- PYHO

Yesterday I wrote this post and I sort of felt bad for it. I felt bad because my husband doesn't usually have to be gone for my than a week (so far) but my sisters husband has been to Iraq/Afghanistan 4-5 times throughout their marriage and they may also be apart for the next 2 years because of Marines stuff. I have blogger friends who's husbands also travel for work, sometimes for long periods of time.

But I don't feel bad because I will miss my husband, I will worry about my husband. I hate having to explain to my daughter every day that he's gone that daddy won't be home tonight. I hate the lonely nights after she goes to bed. I eat crappier when he's not home too, which is not good for my diet.

I had Mrs. Mackenzie comment on this post telling me that she would have a hard time if her husband travel. I told her that I do but I feel bad about complaining. She told me I shouldn't feel bad because I'm being honest and she likes honest bloggers.

Lately I've read a lot of blog post from women who want to be more honest on their blog and I'm going to follow the crowd and be more honest. I have things I'd like to write about but I don't write it because I think it may bore people. But hey, it's my blog. It's my place to vent, talk stuff out, be excited, whatever.. And I'm going to. So stick with me!

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  1. If we only complained when there was no one out there with a situation worse than ours, none of us would be able to say a word.

    Even though I know there are people going through harder times than me, it still doesn't change the fact that I think what I'm going through is hard.

    And I try to think the same about others- everyone has something they struggle with... and a right to vent about it!

  2. love this! so excited to read your honest posts! please share some juicy embarrassing stuff lol

  3. HI! I too am taking the opportunity to be honest and open on my blog! Enough with the cowering behind other people's feelings, I have a life too! And you know what? I miss s/o when he works overnight so I can darn sure imagine how you're gonna feel! Hope to see you around the bloggy world friend!

  4. Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for joining the blog hop:)