Friday, January 13, 2012

Instagram Friday

She felt she needed to eat dinner at the counter last night.
New clothes I bought her instead of buying myself running shoes
It's been pretty nice here the last few days but there's talk of snow next week!!
A story/nursery rhyme from one of Lyla's new books.
Love love love my kindle!
I caught Lyla putting lip gloss all over her face!

I won these from a giveaway at holding on to the little things
 life rearranged


  1. your pictures are adorable! i was thinking about getting a kindle so it could motivate me to read more- but i feel like nothing compares to having a book in my hand- what do you suggest?

  2. Great photos Jennifer!!! And I love the outfit you bought her instead of your shoes! Such a sweet mama!

  3. Love the pictures of her playing with the lip gloss! I caught Taylie doing that today with chapstick, except she was putting it on her feet and under her arms.

  4. At the counter? ha ha and how did she not get that lipgloss in her eyes? ha ha ha
    Love the leggings, they are super cute