Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's ok Thursday..

Its Ok Thursdays

  • It's ok that my daughter only wants to eat bananas lately. Could be worse.
  • It's ok that I'm totally jealous of the pregnant ladies.
  • It's ok that I sneak a lindt milk chocolate truffle sometimes. I've been doing awesome working out.
  • It's ok that I used my hubby's deodorant because I couldn't find mine.
  • It's ok that every night that my husband was gone this week and after my daughter was asleep I spent on Pinterest.
  • It's ok that I have almost 1890 pins on Pinterest.
  • It's ok that I bought stuff to make homemade Valentines over a week ago but haven't even started.
  • It's ok that I lost 3lbs but have plateaued. I'll just keep going.


  1. there is always room for a piece of choclate each day :)

    happy weds! nice blog,by the way!

  2. Why on earth would you be jealous of pregnant women? They're miserable! At least I was.

    And eat that chocolate out in the open! Don't sneak it! You deserve to eat chocolate and you should not be feeling guilty about it. Depriving yourself and feeling like a bad girl for eating chocolate will just cause you to yo yo diet!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love Lindt's!! I used to get one every time I went to the mall when I was younger haha! They're delicious!

  4. holy crap 1890 pins!! woman you're addicted!! haha :) Congrats on your 3 pound loss! :) thats great, i'm jealous about that! And I'm totally jealous of pregnant women too!

  5. Honey my hubby uses Lady's Speedstick I kid you not. Saves money, or so that's the way I think about it. He says women's deodorant absorbs more sweat. And he would kill me if he knew I just told this.

  6. I LOVE your "its ok ok" post :) I especially liked the part about the deodorant LOL

  7. It's also okay that you make time to blog for us. I just love it.