Monday, January 9, 2012

Life Made Lovely {and a crazy story}

Well first off you guys are not going to believe this but I'm NOT pregnant! :( When I went to my dr appt last week they didn't do a pregnancy test, they just assumed mine was right. Friday I started spotting and freaked so the dr got me in for an ultrasound and they saw absolutely no signs of a pregnancy!! So it was my period and I'm part of the 2% who gets a defective test. Note to self, no more dollar store tests! I'm disappointed (thank god I only had a week to get excited) but I'm soooo relieved that I wasn't miscarrying again.

This weekend I got the chance to spend some time with my niece, Carissa, without her brother and sister around. My niece is almost 15 and her brother and sister are 8 and 6. I love them all but I definitely have a little more in common with her. We went and got coffee and a few things at the store and then went back to my husbands parents house.. She loves doing hair and makeup so I let her do mine. I've been wanting to try a 3 barrel curling iron anyway. At first she kinda did my makeup a little hookerish but Adam came in and made a funny face and she fixed it, haha. I love the way my hair turned out! I'm going to buy one of the curling irons so I can use it for my date night with Adam this weekend!

Carissa and Lyla (Carissa did Lyla's hair too) 

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  1. I'm so sorry about getting a false positive, I didn't even know that was possible!

  2. ooooo i love your hair!
    Stupid $ store.. I can't believe that happened to both of us! I sent them an angry letter haha

  3. Yikes that is crazy!! Glad you got some down time and fancy hair! ;0)

  4. That sucks about the false positive :( love the hair btw !!! :)