Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ring Ring Bling Bling

I've seen this on a few blogs lately so I thought it'd be fun to type up my "engagement" story and show off my beautiful ring!

Last May I found out we were expecting, total shock as I was on the pill. Guess I may have missed one! Oops! Adam decided we should get married soon. I agreed. We knew from pretty much day 1 we'd get married anyway. Neither of us had any doubts. A few weeks later we decided I needed a ring! He knew what kind of ring I wanted, we had looked around before. So we went to a few jewelry stores and ended up at Fred Meyers Jewelers and lucky us, they were having a sale. We looked at really expensive rings, we looked at cheap rings. I wanted white gold, I really don't like yellow gold. And a square diamond. We looked for awhile and didn't see anything that either of us liked or that fit right. Then the salesgirl showed us some rings on clearance. The very last ring we looked at was beautiful and we both just *knew* it was the one. Money wasn't a big deal but it was marked down about 3,000$! That's always nice.  We get out to the truck and he says "I suppose you want to wear this now?" Umm hello, of course I do!

A few weeks later I miscarried but that didn't stop us from getting married Sept 24. And now we're expecting again! And praying this baby sticks.
With my wedding band

Before we got married
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  1. Are you serious!!! Did I miss this?? I wondered by a status update the other day if thats what you were meaning! So excited girly!!

  2. Love the ring :))) I've been engaged for about 3 years & I had a small ring & just this November my fiancé upgraded it to a bigger ring on black Friday ....I was def. surprised ! & congrats on your new bundle of joy !

  3. Good luck with the baby! Your ring is lovely!

  4. I'm with you on the white gold! Your setting is so beautiful. I especially love that its raised! Mine is like that too. One thing you have to be careful with tho, with raised rings, is that they tend to snag on more things and the prongs can break and if too many prongs break then bad things can start to happen (like diamonds falling out!) This happened to me, so be careful! Get it checked every 3-6 months!

  5. Congrats all around! Hope you are blessed with a healthy babe!