Friday, February 10, 2012

Friendly Friday-2

I wanted to take part in today's friendly Friday post so I could talk about my BFF Nicole (Nicki to me). She blogs over at .space&reasons. I'm sure I've talked about her like a gazillion times on my blog but you all need to hear about her again and go check her out!

She lives in Southern CA but is a totally country girl at heart! Her dream is to live on a bunch of land in Texas or Colorado or Oregon (I say Oregon because that's what I want for her). She loves animals and even works at the Humane Society near her. She has adopted 2 pit bulls, Jack and Darla and some cats. If you didn't click on the link for Jack you really should. He had a rough beginning but is such a happy boy now. They're both very lucky dogs to have Nicki for a mama!

Nicki also got engaged to a really amazing guy and is planning her own wedding for this coming October!  I sooo wish I could be down there helping but just like she did for me I'm helping her through emails and texts! So if you have any tips or advice for her please go to her blog and help a girl out!


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  1. She sounds wonderful! I'm going to check out her blog! :)
    Thanks for linking up!