Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday 10 Spring Colors

I usually don't get into what is "cool" and "in style" but lately I have been interested in nail polishes! I'm kinda obsessed.. I buy a new color like every time I go to the store..  So here are some spring colors I'm loving..

1. These Essie colors! So cute!

2. These Essie sparkly top coats!

3. Avon polishes.. But these are sort of thin polishes..

4. Avon  eyeshadows, the mystery compact.

5. Mary Kay nail polish in Lava.

6. OPI Holland collection.

7. OPI Brights.

8. Target I love Targets spring colors!!

9. This purse from Payless is sooo cute!

10. I love the pinks and coral in these bracelets!

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  1. I just now bought my first Spring nail polish - Apple Green, and now just have to stop my husband working long enough to paint it on my toes ;-) (I'm not fat or especially lazy btw - He is a bit obsessive, and it irks him if its less than perfect!)

    Love Sarah
    Sew now we are four