Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Urgent Care

On Saturday Lyla had to go to Urgent Care for the first time! Adam and I bought an enclosed trailer for the race car and we were showing it to his parents.. Lyla was playing, running up and down the ramp, going in and out and tripped and her chin broke her fall.. She immediately started crying and before I even saw that she was bleeding really bad from her chin I had scooped her up and carried her in the house to see if she was hurt. Then I saw the blood and my heart just sank.. My poor baby's shirt was covered in blood. My mother in law and I got her in on the counter and started cleaning it with a warm towel to see if it was deep enough to need to take her in.. It was.

Surprisingly she only cried for a few minutes. Grandma gave her a popsicle and we got her in the car and went to urgent care. The whole  way there she was just worried cause we had left our dog at grandma's! She thought we forgot him.

She was such a trooper the whole time! Didn't cry at all when they cleaned it. We had the option for them to put 2 stitches in it our just glue it. We chose glue it because it's supposed to leave less of a scar. My shy little girl was even talking to the nurse and the doctor.

Trying to keep her fingers out of her mouth
Deciding on stitches or if glue will be enough
All done!

Daddy didn't want her to have to wear her bloody shirt the rest of the day so he went into the store to get a new one and Lyla and I waited in the car. He took so long that she fell asleep! He ended up getting her a shirt and new pajamas! Oh and crackers for himself!

I was honestly shocked at how well I did during all this! I didn't even tear up.. I usually do when she gets hurt. I think I get an A+ for the day.


  1. Ahh...poor baby. Good job on not crying! I usually can do okay during the chaos it is usually the aftermath that gets me, then I start crying. :)

  2. What a big girl! So glad she is ok. It's cute that she thought you were forgetting her dog lol

  3. poor girl! so glad she is ok. Impressed by you!

  4. What a brave sweet girl. I know those moments well. Wait to see if you have a boy. It's worse. They are walking injuries. Ian's been to the ER twice, with staples the first time and stitches the second time both to his head. It was the most heart breaking thing ever.