Friday, April 6, 2012

So, for some total Friday randomness! Here goes..

I am so friggin sad that One Tree Hill has ended! I have seen every single episode, some of them multiple times. When a show ends that I was totally into I feel like I have to recover from it! I know, crazy. I've seen so many great show end; Beverly Hills 90210, 7th Heaven, One Tree Hill, Full House, My So-Called Life.. etc..I hate it. They should go on forever!

Lyla has ballet today. The first class went great, the second class she wouldn't do it at all (my sister said Lyla told her it was because there was a different teacher) last week we didn't have class due to spring break. I'm hoping she'll participate today. I was supposed to pay the second class but thankfully the owner said I could wait til this class to make my decision on whether or not to keep coming. My child is JUST LIKE ME! I was painfully shy when I was a kid, still am sometimes. The whole reason for putting her in the class was to make friends. So, fingers crossed!

We dyed eggs yesterday! My sister came over to help and eat dinner with us. We had so much fun I was totally wishing I had boiled more eggs! I'll probably do a whole Easter post on Monday so I'll include pics of the egg dyeing in that.

Pregnancy.. Some aspects are getting easier.. Some are getting harder. I'm a crazy balls of emotions sometimes. The other day I was watching the news and they were doing a clip on this local big dairy who won't be having their 50th annual Easter egg hunt because we've had so much rain that their fields are a swamp and I cried for like 10 mins! I've never even been to this Easter egg hunt! Sleeping is also starting to get difficult but I'm pretty sure that has a lot to do with Lyla sleeping in my bed and being a bed hog! And yay! Next Thursday will be the beginning of my second trimester. I was so worried I wouldn't get this far. I think I will have a cake to celebrate.

If you're still reading thanks for sticking around! 2 more followers and I'll be at 100!

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  1. I never watched One Tree Hill but I know what you mean when shows end. I bawled my eyes out when Friends ended. Still my favorite show, ever.

  2. I cried when medium and ghost whisperer ended. I had trouble sleepong with the twins and Taylie my doc gave me ambien it is safe during pregnancy. Just a thought if it gets that bad.

  3. I'm #99!!! Thanks for linking up today!

  4. I want some cake! :) And I hate when shows end! House is ending in 8 episodes and I'll be so sad :(

  5. I've never stuck with a show long enough to see the end... but I probably with Grey's Anatomy. I don't know what I will do when that show is over! Congrats on getting to the second trimester! I'm just starting the third and am ready to get through it :)

  6. When I was pregnant the worst show I could watch was Extreme Home makeover, it literally sent me to the crazy place. My husband made me stop watching it until after I had Ian. It was awful, I would cried hysterically, snot and all.

  7. hahaha, i love how pregnant women cry over the smallest of things. one day that'll be me and i'll hate people who make fun of it, but for now, i find it so funny. (and endearing!)

  8. I never watched One Tree Hill but I love 7th Heaven and was sad when it ended. My daughter is the opposite of Lyla- sometimes she is too friendly. I think it makes some people uncomfortable because she will just go up and talk and smile at anyone.