Thursday, May 31, 2012

My little girl!!

My little girl has her very first dance recital this Sunday! I'm so excited but I'm so nervous! She gets soo shy sometimes. I really don't know if she'll even dance but fingers crossed cause those costumes were spendy! I'm thinking about putting her into gymnastics this fall instead of back in dance. Does anyone have any experience with their younger kids in gymnastics? I took it when I was like 7-8 and as a shy kid I loved it!

Playing Duck Duck Goose



  1. Good luck with the recital. I hope she dances. :)

  2. how cute! i hope she does great at the recital :)

    i actually did gymnastics when i was younger, & i was seriously in LOVE with it. i even got onto a competitive team & was training up to 20 hours per week. as much as i loved it, at that level, there was a lot of wear & tear on my body, namely my ankles, knees, & back. that's my only knock, though - and for children, i think it's an amazing recreational class!

    - l

  3. That last picture is precious! I hope the dance recital is fun for everyone =)