Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh yes, my husband is awesome!

I just gotta brag about my husband a little today! My friend Heidi, who is also pregnant posted on facebook yesterday that she was craving beef jerky and she was so happy she almost cried when her husband brought some home for her! Of course, that post made me want beef jerky. I texted (or is it just text?) Adam and told him I was wanting some. He asked if I wanted him to stop and get me some on his way home. I totally did but I didn't know what kind, I told him I wanted some that was kinda salty, peppery but I didn't know what kind that was..

An hour later he comes home with the most amazing jerky!! He went to this really popular meat market by his work, waited in line like 20 minutes and got it! It was kinda spendy at $11 for half a pound but soooo worth it!

Has your husband does something like this? I want to hear about your awesome hubby's!



  1. So sweet. i told my hubs i wanted new gym shoes and he said "allrighty go grt some" i was concerned about the price at 110$ so i called him and he still said buy them! He works so hard.

  2. ahh... so sweet! I remember when I was pregnant with my first I always wanted eggs and potatoes, every morning and he would oblige. :)

  3. sooo sweet. mine would totally do that! this weekend all i wanted was chinese food {specifically mongolian beef and crab ragoons} and to curl up and watch a movie. the hubs picked the movie, and picked me up chinese even though he didn't really want it.