Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday- Inexpensive Entertainment

Today I was reading Mama Geeks post about inexpensive toys from the dollar bins at Target that entertain her adorable daughter Carina and thought I'd join in the fun! I can not pass up the dollar bins at ANY store.. Usually at Joanns and Target.. Michaels has "cheap" bins, usually things are like $2.50 or more.

I think Lyla's favorite things I've gotten her are some fat princess markers and a little Buzz Lightyear notebook. She would sit for quite awhile and "write" stuff in it. Or miniature velvet coloring posters! (psst.. I may have enjoyed those more)

I am pretty sure I have bought Lyla tons of stuff from those bins in the last year for like every holiday.. Headbands, sunglasses, books, character socks, balls and plastic toys that break in a week but held her attention for awhile. They have pretty cool things for mommies too! I've gotten home decorating stuff, card making kits and holiday stuff! If you have not checked out any of these bins you NEED to! Hurry, go!


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