Friday, June 15, 2012

Ideas! Help! (and an update)

So I decided to plan a little potluck bbq for my hubby's birthday/Fathers Day and I'm sure people will bring the usuals, ie: potato salad, fruit, beans etc. I want to make something new and different but easy because I also have to make his cake and make sure the house is clean. So people! Ideas pleeeaaase!!

Update on the progress of the baby's room.. It's pretty much all cleaned out except the stupid weight machine! I neeeed someone to buy it! I decided that instead of moving my craft/sewing stuff in to the garage I moved it into the closet in that room for now. When he's able to open those doors and get into stuff we'll have to rethink the situation. Adam shampooed the carpet last night but I'm sure we'll need to do it a couple more times to get the cat smell out. Adam will be out of town next week but I'm hoping the week after we can start painting.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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