Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Terrible 3.5's

You've heard of the terrible 2's right? Yeah, Lyla didn't go through those. She was a great 2 year old. She's definitely going through them now! Here's a little story to explain some of her behavior.. Last week we got home from the grocery store and she decided to go play in the backyard. Our yard is fenced in and she's gone out there by herself many times. She came in a few minutes later and asked if she could go to the neighbors house. I said no because we barely know them! She came and asked a couple more times, I still said no and told her that maybe the other neighbors that we do know could come over later. I go outside to check on her a few minutes later and she was gone! I panicked! But then I saw her through the fence in their backyard! (*Side note, if a 3 year old showed up at my house I'd be damn sure I'd find out if the parent actually okayed it) I went next door and got her and she tried to run from me.. My equilibrium is totally off from being pregnant so I tripped and fell! Thankfully I landed on my back not my belly. But I got her in the house and she was FREAKING out, trying to get back out and screaming/crying. I put her in her room hoping she'd calm down and take a nap. Nope! I go in there and she has her window open and she's up in the window sill yelling to the neighbor girls!

After all that and when I finally got her to lay on the couch and calm down she fell asleep so I called my husband and told him he needed to stop on the way home and get childproofing stuff! And she is not allowed in the backyard alone for awhile.

This is in the top of the sliding glass door. You screw it in and out of a hole you make in the door.

Front door. I bought the cheap ones before but she can just pop them off. These I bought on amazon and most adults have a hard time opening the door with it.

And her bedroom window. It screws tightly on the tracks of her window.
All in all a pretty horrible experience but I hope to not have a repeat of it!


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  1. That is scary. Maybe she is acting out because the new baby is one the way.