Friday, October 5, 2012


Lyla really likes to cook and help me prepare stuff. She makes her own peanut butter and jelly "sammiches" (with supervision), she puts whatever I'm cutting up (except raw meat) into the pan for me, she uses the hand mixer, cracks eggs, pours the measured stuff for me.. So when I was at the store and craving pizza I decided that we would make our own! 

I bought a package of mini Boboli crusts for us and a regular sized one for hubby (he worked a long day that day so I knew he'd be extra hungry). I grabbed all the toppings we usually eat; cheese, pepperoni, salami, olives, pineapple.. Forgot the mushrooms for hubby. Thankfully I didn't tell Lyla I was going to let her put her own together or I would've heard about it allllllll day!

Dinner time rolled around and I asked her if she wanted to make her own. Her response was "yeaaaaaaaah"!! So she dragged her little chair over to the counter while I got it all out. I poured the sauce on, she used a spoon and spread it all around. I put some cheese in a bowl and explained to her that she needed to sprinkle it all over. While she did that I opened everything up an put some of everything onto a paper plate for her to put what she wanted on her pizza. She did a pretty good job! And we had fun together! It wasn't stressful like cooking some other things with her can be. 

Here's a pic of her making hers.

Do you have any fun foods that you let your kids help with? I'd love more ideas!


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