Monday, November 12, 2012

Family Traditions

We've had some family traditions in my family (my sister/parents) since I was a kid and I've kept them going in my little family. I think traditions are so important! The traditions in my family create family time and with a husband that works so much it's really nice to have that time together. There are also some traditions I'd like to create. I thought I'd share some that we already have and some that I'd like to create.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we always go cut down our Christmas tree and decorate it while watching Christmas movies.

The kids always get Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear that night.

In my husbands family we always do a White Elephant gift exchange on Christmas Eve and the gifts are always hilarious, impractical things.

We always go to this really cute Fantasy Christmas Trail and drink hot chocolate.

We go to the pumpkin patch and do all the activities and then buy a pumpkin from the grocery store to carve! They're cheaper there haha

I'd like to start having a family pumpkin carving party where everyone brings a pumpkin, we carve them while eating yummy fall snacks.

I'd also like to start having a family movie night once a month where we eat pizza, popcorn and watch kiddie movies.

Every summer my husbands family rents 1-2 houses on the beach and everyone goes for a week.

So these are just some of ours and I'd love to have more! Do you have any family traditions? I'm always looking for more..



  1. I love all of your family traditions!!! :)

  2. These are great traditions. I am excited to start some new ones this year with my kids. :) My mom and I watch White Christmas every year and It's A Wonderful Life. Hubby and I always watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

  3. You guys have some great traditions! I think it's so important to incorporate traditions into family life - it gives everyone something to look forward to and brings family closer.
    We always put the tree up together when we were younger, cared pumpkins and roasted the seeds, Christmas Eve at our Aunt & Uncles and then we hosted Christmas Day. My favorite was going out to the cabin for thanksgiving - there was always over 25 fun!

  4. You have great family traditions. We do the same thing about buying our pumpkins at the grocery store. It is so much cheaper!! Lol!!

  5. The first thing I'm going to start for Christmas is a felt tree. I'm going to Joanns to see if I can get a couple yeards of green felt and ill cut a tree shape out and put it on the wall. Then im going to cut out ornaments in different colors of felt so the kids can just stick them on wherever they want.