Thursday, January 24, 2013

Late night

I'm sitting here at 1:15am.. Watching Roseanne, checking Instagram, Facebook, email, playing words with friends, other random games and listening to my son talk to his fists and fart. I don't his almost every night. It gets old. Although I have a lot if mommy friends who might be up this late not everyone does what I do and is there to entertain me at night!! I really think there should be better things on tv this late! Like a nursing mothers channel!! With entertaining trash tv all night. So, if you have any pull in the tv business I'd appreciate you make this happen for me and all moms! Thanks so much!



  1. I watch Nick at Night when Colton is up for a feeding :) haha

  2. I used to record things all the time so I had something interesting to watch at night while I was up nursing. More often than not I watched Friends reruns.