Friday, January 11, 2013

Sleepy smiles..

Tuesday was a rough day.. Buck is teething (yay for early teething) and doesn't sleep much during the day so around 4 he starts getting really cranky. Lyla is, I guess still adjusting to not have mommy attention 24/7 and is acting out. Even if I give her as much attention as possible it's not enough for her some days and she does anything she can to get my attention. That day she chose to use a spoon and bang it on everything in the kitchen while I'm trying to get Buck to sleep so I can make/eat dinner.. I ask her a few times to please stop, she doesn't and I just lost it and started yelling at her.. Not my proudest moment. I immediately feel bad and start telling her I'm sorry and try explaining that she really needs to listen.. She was over it pretty quick but I was still feeling bad.. I was thinking about it all night and then as I was laying on the couch with Buck at about midnight and he had just fallen asleep again I saw his eyes open a little and he had a sleepy little smile on his face and I vowed to try a little harder to have patience with Lyla. She didn't ask to be a big sister and she deserves to feel special still.

Do you have more than one kid? How did you handle it when you brought the second one into the home?



  1. I give kudos to any parent with more than one kid! I don't think I could handle it! You're doing a great job girl! Keep it up!

  2. I yell way too often. Not my finest trait and I am still trying to better myself. I just lose my patience too quickly and both kids are going through "challenging" phases right now (which is no excuse on my behalf) and I have to try just that much harder, I guess. I know this wasn't really any advice but more to say that I go through the same thing too and all we can do is wake up the next day and try again. :)

  3. I feel bad for the days i get like that too. My attitude totally effects Emery's attitude. I get stressed and yell too much and he acts out so bad. I just have to remind myself to be on his level, stay calm and he is calm. Im thankful Riah is old enough to listen a little better than him.. Two kids can be tricky. But you are doing a great job =) I think of special activities to do with Riah when Emery is napping and shes been loving that.