Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pinterest Fail.. Sorta.

I woke up with a sweet tooth today and I knew that we had a few tubes of crescent rolls in the fridge so I scoured my dessert board on pinterest and found 2 I wanted to try.. 

The resurrection rolls say to use large marshmallows and I only had mini so that might've been part of the problem. The reason I say it's only a "sorta" fail is because they still tasted pretty good. I just hope my nice expensive cookie sheet isn't ruined!

Here's mine..
The leaky ones are the resurrection rolls..

I haven't gotten to try to many things from pinterest but it's kinda fun to try and see if you can do them just as good! Have you had any pinterest success or fails?



  1. It's always fun to try new things. :)

  2. I tried the cookie bowls once. The ones where you turn your cupcake pan upside down...FAIL! It was a mess!

  3. I tried a chicken & tater tot slow-cooked meal once, and it was baaaaad. But, usually, with meals found via Pinterest I do okay. Usually.

  4. The way I look at it is if it tasted good there was no fail! My food never looks good.

  5. Agreed with Pidg - if it tastes good it's not a fail! ;)

  6. I love seeing people post the good and the bad to pinterest tries. Not everything turns out the way it's supposed to. I haven't tried any food stuff yet from there but I did try a different recipe on making your own chalkboard paint and it didn't turn out as I hoped. I was going to post it on the blog but haven't gotten around to it yet