Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

Lyla is in school Monday, Wednesday and Fridays so on Tuesday and Thursdays I try to do some kind of craft with Lyla.. I thought I'd include Buck this week to so I got out the finger paints! I don't think he liked it very much!

Pretty sure he was mad because it didn't taste good.

Yep, I'm "that" mom who saw this as a perfect photo op!

But Lyla on the other hand loved it!!!

Ignore the mess in the kitchen, I was making a cake that I'm going to write about later in the week. 

Have a happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Aww haha the pictures are priceless. I would have snapped a few too. :)

  2. So funny! Your kids are having fun. Even though the little man wasn't so sure about it! I can't wait to hear about the cake!

  3. I can't help buy laugh at these pictures!
    A few weeks ago we tried "craft" time with my little man. Finger painting, nonetheless. It went juuuust about as well as your experience. We'll come back to this in a few months...