Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Fun- Rosse Posse Elk Farm

This summer I tried to keep us busy so we didn't get to bored and stir crazy. We had weekly play dates at the park with my super awesome friend Kristal and her kids and a few other cool moms but we also threw in some fun stuff in the area. We got pretty lucky and found a groupon deal for this neat elk farm that does tours and educates you on elk. They also have a petting zoo with pygmy goats, chickens, a wallaby, a miniature horse, Fallow deer, miniature donkeys and a patagonian cavy. The kids really had fun and I bought a second groupon deal so we can go back with the hubby.

Lyla and her bestie Gracie

Brenda, one of the owners, telling us about the elk.

The wallaby and the patagonian cavy.

They had cut the antlers a few days before we got there.
 Check out Brenda's blog.  
And their facebook. 


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