Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Making Memories 1

For Lyla's birthday she got a cake pop kit! It came with an idea/recipe book, sticks, a stand to hold them up while decorating them and little bags for wrapping them to give them away. She has been begging me to make them so I finally gave in and we got some cake mix and frosting to make them.

She did all the ingredients by herself, even the eggs and only got a few tiny shells in.

We made the cake and let it cool for a day. Smashed it up, rolled them into balls and refrigerated them for another day.

We got them out the next night and I tried to melt the white chocolate candy melts and add some purple dye and it just clumped up!! So since it was late I decided I would just put the balls in the freezer and we'd try again another day. So maybe later this week I'll have the finished product to show you!


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  1. Cake pops look so easy to make, but they're not! Haha. I had so much trouble with the chocolate and keeping them on the sticks when I tried that I haven't gone back to try again. I will though.

    I love that you have Lyla making things in the kitchen all the time. I need to do more of that with the older kids. Also, Buck looks freakin' adorable watching as his sister makes some treats!