Thursday, May 15, 2014


I really love to do swaps! I love "stalking" people on the internet and getting to know them and then going out shopping to find fun stuff for them! I recently participated in 2 swaps; the carabox exchange and the Diva Swap. My partner for the Diva Swap is super cool and even has purple hair! 

So first I'll show off my Diva Swap stuff..

This is what I sent to Nikkii
 Just some fun little goodies and stuff to pamper herself.

She really paid attention to the fact that I'm a mom of young kids and don't always get time to myself so she sent me a package full of yummy smelling stuff to pamper myself! And the best thing in the package? The dry shampoo! Because lord knows mom's don't always get to take showers long enough to wash the hair!

And for the Carabox the theme was "regional" so I tried to find stuff that was made in Portland or the Pacific Northwest..
I chose some cute postcards and an Oregon magnet, a chocolate bar that is made here, some Portland Bee Balm, a bbq sauce that is also made locally and some cute little wooden blocks that are actually made/sold here in my tiny town!

I have not received a package from the person who was supposed to send to me and don't think I will so I have nothing to share there.. 

I can't wait to get to know my Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish swap partner and get her some cute polishes!


  1. I'm sad you don't think you'll receive a carabox - I just don't understand why people sign up and then don't participate!

  2. I'm glad that your first swap was successful! I am so sorry about your carabox. :(