Friday, June 20, 2014

Black Thumb

I have a completely black thumb when it comes to flowers. My mother in law bought me a beautiful hanging basket two years in a row for Mother's Day and I killed them within a month. I really wanted a pretty planter next to my door on the porch though so I did a little research and talked to a friend of mine on Instagram and decided on succulents!

I bought a big plastic planter, a can of spray paint and 5 small plants and went to work! I had to have my hubby drill a few more holes in the bottom of the planter though, there was only one.

I've always loved aloe plants and I never knew there were so many types of succulents and cacti!

After I had planted them I was out with my mother in law and saw another one that I liked so I grabbed it and added it too. I plan to pull a few pieces of one that my hubby's grandma has in her yard and add them too. 

Do you have a green thumb or is it black like mine?

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