Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So things are not healthy with this family! The kid has a cold, Grandpa Phil has bronchitis, me.. Well we won't go into all my problems. Grandma Donna, she's just falling apart. Little Emery is in the hospital with RSV and Riah has a cold too! But let's just hope this coming up month gets better.

6.5.. Do you know what that is? That is how many eff'ing inches of rain we have gotten this month. When is it going to end? Ugh!! We want to go for nightly walks again, go play at the park! And we certainly can't go fishing with the rivers and lakes so full. If I wasted 60$ on my fishing license there will be hell to pay!

In other news.. We finished Lyla's time out chair. There will be pictures to come. I also made a sign for her door that is super cute! I will post a pic for that right now.

Oh and some pretty awesome pics of The Kid's crazy after nap hair!

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