Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Things Kids Say..

Lyla picked up a cable cord that was on the floor and says seriously mommy what the heck is this?!

While we're sitting waiting to turn into traffic she says "oh come on lady!"

I don't know where she got this but the other day she told me she wants some damn milk.

As I'm talking to her about how she could hurt herself by jumping on the bed she says "myself (points to herself), yourself (points to me) and daddyself (points out the bedroom door)."

I told Lyla "move it or lose it" she said "I wanna lose it!"

Me: Don't touch other people's cars! (as she's running her hand down the side of a dodge truck)
Lyla: It's a truck!

I had to stop fast cause a lady started crossing the street and lyla said mommy you freak me out!

As grandpa Phil was going to tickle her "don't get me grandpa! I'm fine!"

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