Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Five

This Friday will be things I'm excited about!

1. Hubby coming home last night!

2. Carving pumpkins tonight.

3. Going to the Halloween Fantasy Trail.

4. Making a chicken pot pie for dinner for the first time.

5. Making a journal like this for my nieces.


  1. I just made my 1st chicken pot pie about a month ago! And my husband was a BIG fan. They're pretty simple. How did yours turn out?

  2. Well I thought that if I baked the bottom crust for a few mins it would make it less slimy like. Nope! It shrank it and made it so I couldn't seal the top to it! And I put potatoes in (only boiled til they were slightly soft) and the recipe said to bake for 45 mins.. at 30 mins it was starting to burn so I took it out. The potatoes were still a little hard! Trial and Error I guess! But my husband did like it!