Monday, November 28, 2011


My thanksgiving was pretty good. We first went to my grandparents house where a bunch of my family was.. Including 2 of my cousins that I haven't seen since they were really little and are now in their 20's with kids of their own. Sarah has 4 kids, Victoria has 2. I love my cousins and my family but thanksgiving over there was a little crazy. They have the most unruly kids I've ever met. They broke so much stuff, knocked stuff over, tipping furniture, sitting on tables. It was just crazy! My daughter just sat there next to my mom with this look on her face like "what the heck is going on?"
Phoenix 2yrs old

Lyla in her state of shock

Lestat, Chloe, Khia and Pheonix on their dad Chris (cousins husband and kids)

The ham cooked in a tiny toaster oven... Little burned 
Then we went to my husbands parents house that was just as loud with 22 people but no breaking stuff and this kids were a little better behaved! Things over there are always more organized too.. We eat dinner close to when it was planned, his parents let people bring stuff over to contribute to the meal, we say grace all holding hands and we all eat together. It feels like what thanksgiving should feel like.
But honestly, having to go to 2 places that are an hour apart kinda sucks. So I declare that in 2013 I will be hosting thanksgiving at our house!
Malia, Lyla and Kendall (second cousins)

Carissa trying to teach the little girls how to play Candyland

Lyla discovered the "contard" and it's now her favorite toy at grandma and grandpa's.


  1. i had fun helping host thanksgiving, you should do that next year. I understand the craziness with the kids! lol

  2. I love those guitar pictures. So cute.

  3. yay for thanksgiving spent with family. :) thank you so much for following me...great to have you along. :)