Monday, December 19, 2011

 Hello Blogging Friends!
Now I don't know about you but...

 I have always thrilled in everything Christmas:

The sight of red and green colors around town made my smile light up. 
The smell of the crisp winter air made me breathe deeper (no seriously, I'm asthmatic. LoL)
The sound of Joy to the World being sang out made me sing even louder!

In my house I was the "Cindy Lou Who" of the bunch when it came to decorations, I wanted to be surrounded by Christmas in my home and I would get so giddy when it got closer and beg to pull out the decorations somehow forgetting that putting these decorations up would take two seconds...

We had a nativity which I loved, and a stuffed animal-like Christmas tree.

The End.

So, I as a wee child started the tradition of making a Christmas countdown chain. I painstakingly cut out strips of paper (with kid scissors!) and tape and put together our glorious chain! (not proud AT ALL! HA!)

Now this is a tradition that I carried on to my family, I literally made this chain on my own til I was 23, then my oldest Jack-Jack started helping, then Roo, then Magoo. Now we all make this chain the day after Christmas and darnit we love it!

We have tweeked the idea a bit. For the top of the countdown chain I had each child draw a picture of what Christmas means to them, and put them together for a collage.

Here is this years:
 *Jack-Jack drew a pic of Jesus on the cross and "Thank You Jesus", Roo drew herself and I next to a Christmas tree, and Magoo drew himself opening a present.*
This is a nice way to reflect each year on how we grow in our thoughts. :0)

We also bake goodies:

Go to a lights show at a local park:

Give kisses under the mistletoe:

and act all around silly and giddy that Christmas is here!!

Thanks for reading my guest post!
Hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas!!

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  1. I think the chain is great, what a clever idea. I hope your sucking all that you can out of the last week before Christmas.