Friday, December 16, 2011

Guest Post- It's the Middle that Counts

Hello I Wanna Feel that Fire readers!

I'm Amber and I blog over at It's the Middle that Counts.

It's just a little slice of the Internet that I call my own.  A place where I chronicle my adventures with my military hubby and our little monkey, aka Nicholas, born April 9, 2011.

I love crafts of all kinds, baking, being outdoors, spending lazy Sunday afternoons with my two favorite boys and listening to my baby laugh.  I hope you'll come on over, have a cup of coffee, relax and stay a while.  Let me know you're stopping by, I love visitors!

Speaking of visiting, I was so excited when Jenn first asked me to guest post over here about my Christmas traditions, both past and present.  I thought about my favorite traditions for days and I wasn't ever sure that I could pick a single favorite Christmas memory.

I LOVE Christmas!
But after taking my little one to see Santa for the first time a few days ago, I found my perfect memory.

Every year, while my sister and I were growing up, my mother would take us to the city park.  Each year they would string hundreds of lights throughout the park and open it for the public to drive through and see.  At the very end of the park you could stop and visit with Santa and his elves.

Now, as a parent myself, I know that it had to be dark, freezing and the wait had to be excruciating as there were always tons of kids waiting to see Santa.  That didn't stop her though.  Every single year as the temperature dipped into the teens and the snow fell, she took us to see Santa in the park.

Hopefully these are the traditions I can continue with Nicholas.  With this being his first Christmas, we don't really have many family Christmas traditions to speak of.  (Our first 2 Christmases as a family included moving cross country and being pregnant.)

This year I would love to start some traditions that Nicholas will remember as fondly when he is an adult as I do of my childhood traditions.  Specifically I hope he remembers the time we spend together and how much we love him.  I hope that when he is a parent, he will look back on his childhood and tell his children all about how we stood in the snow in the freezing cold weather just so he could see Santa.

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