Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's ok..

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok that I asked Santa/Baby Jesus for a baby for Christmas (and maybe one for my sister).

It's ok that I just fed my daughter a peanut butter and "jewwy" sandwich for breakfast. That's all she wanted and it got her to eat.

It's ok that I had chocolate for breakfast.

It's ok that some days I don't do anything around the house until 2 hours before my husband gets home. I don't get much sleep.

It's ok that I love cheesy Days of Our Lives. I've been watching it since I was 5.

It's ok that I want to have something that will remind me of my angel baby, even if I don't like to talk about "him"

It's ok that I hope it snows the whole time my husband is on vacation so we have to spend all the time together.

It's ok that I drink coffee and sometimes a rockstar too just to clean my house. Again, I don't get much sleep.


  1. I love hot chocolate for breakfast :)

  2. Thanks for your comment! I think chocolate for breakfast is perfectly acceptable :)

  3. I thought i was the only one who saved cleaning for the very last minute :)

  4. Small world. You had chocolate for breakfast, and I had chocolate for dinner.

    Thanks for following my blog. You were my lucky # 10! I've been waiting all week to see that double digit, so thank you.

    I'll be sending you some virtual chocolates as a thank you. They have a taste only if you use your imagination (or suffer from lack of sleep), but are zero calories which means "it's okay" to eat the real thing again in the morning.


  5. i would never complain about hot coco for bfeast ;)

  6. I save cleaning for the last minute too you're not alone !!!! :)