Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Naughty List

Dear Santa,

I'm sure I totally belong on the naughty list. Let me list the reasons why..

  1. I've been so tired that I haven't made Lyla a proper breakfast all week.. Saturday she had a big home cooked breakfast.. Sunday she had pizza. The rest of this week she's had dry cereal. Not that I haven't tried to get her to at least eat it with milk.
  2. I've bribed her with candy every day this week so she'll get dressed. But then she forgets about the candy and I never give it to her.
  3. I've bought more presents for her that I haven't told my husband about because I want her to have a big christmas.
  4. I may have accidently said "I'm going to kick your ass" in front of her (could've been my mom though) and now Lyla has said it a few times.

So yeah.. I'm not going to win the mommy of the year award.. But that's ok, my kid is pretty freakin happy and doesn't throw crazy tantrums like I see some kids doing. But Santa, please don't bring me coal for my stocking. All I want it to get pregnant.

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  1. We have all those days--definitely guilty over here. :) I totally made the naughty list too.

    PS Love your blog!

  2. Oh I have definitely been naughty too! :)
    Sending positive baby thoughts you way.

  3. well atleast she forgets about the candy so don't have to give it to her :) motherhood is hard sometimes!

  4. I love this post.. i feel like this most days. Sometimes its just easier to bribe than beg.

  5. I am def guilty of a few of these as well! too! My son is also starting to repeat every thing I say...woopsie ha ;)

  6. I am totally guilty of letting some bad words slip. oops!

  7. I thought kids were supposed to get their own cold cereal for breakfast...

  8. hahahaha these made me laugh out loud :)