Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sooo busy!

I was so sick last week and busy making Christmas cookies that I didn't type up any posts to schedule for this week. My husband took the 12-23/1-2 off work so I probably won't get to post to much in the next week. I got a free minute right now because he's working on our Blazer so we can sell it! *Finally*
I got the ring that I bought with my 50$ credit to Lisa Leonard Designs! It's beautiful. I had them put my husbands name, my daughters name and baby feet in memory of my angel baby.

We had a pretty busy Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. But Christmas day ended nicely. Lots of relaxing. I got a Kindle touch and have been reading A LOT since Christmas Eve. I've missed reading.

I'm really hoping I get a date night with the hubby sometime this week! It's time, a little overdue too.


  1. Awesome ring! :) & if you decide to head this way for a date night, you can drop Lyla off here :)

  2. Thats a preety ring!!!ya me and the hubby had a date night the other night i will be posting about it sometime soon!!!