Monday, December 26, 2011

Guest Post from my BFF

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Hey guys, thanks for checking out my best friends blog and taking the time to read my guest post!
I'm so happy that Jenn asked me to guest post! Well... wait, that's not true. I'm lying. Technically jenn never 'asked' me to guest post. I sorta gave her a friendly guilt trip and forced her to let me post.
Muahahaha! Thanks jenn! :)
Either way, I'm super excited to be here!
Ok, so here's the deal. My name is nicole and I blog over at spaceandreasons. I'm 24. I live in san diego. I work with animals. I'm engaged to a very handsome  guy and we can't wait to become husband and wife. Hooray for planning a wedding, right? Wrong! I hate to admit it but, I'm a stressed bride. And I'm not having too much fun.
We thought we had it all planned out. Once we set a date and picked a venue we thought it was smooth sailing! Eh, not so much...
Our original plan was to have a priest marry us at the inlaws property. Gorgeous oak trees, an old workshop, rusty farm equipment, etc. It sounded like the perfect place for our rustic wedding.
Unfortunately, the priest isn't able to marry us. And then the venue fell through. And then 3 other venues we were looking at fell through. Awesome, just awesome.
So here we are... photographer is paid, caterer is all set, dj is working on our song list... but we have no place to get married!!
We have one last place to check out this weekend. An organic lavender farm just up the road. Our fingers are crossed it works out!!
If not... well, I have no I idea.
So here's where Jenn's blogging friends come in!
Did you plan your wedding? Or did you enlist a friend/coordinator to help?
What elements were the easiest/hardest to plan?
What projects did you try yourself.and which did you leave to the professionals?
Did you go over/under your budget?
What's one thing you wish someone had told you when you were planning your big day?
Did you follow through with all your planning or did you just say 'forget it, let's elope!!'
I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts on wedding planning.
Any advice or tips you want to pass on would be helpful!
Thanks for checking out jenns blog.. don't forget to swing by my blog and browse around.

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  1. I did so much of mine, I wish I had given it all to someone else to plan. Hard work! Good luck with everything!

  2. I did most of ours. we did it very cheeply. the only thing i left to the professionals was the flowers... and they screwed those up! good luck!
    here is a link to my wedding pics!