Friday, February 17, 2012

Friendly Friday-3.. What's on my heart!

So I have something going on in my life and I'm not ready to talk about it yet but I need some good thoughts and prayers for good things please!

I also wanted to share some randoms about me..

1. On March 1 I'm flying to Pennsylvania to meet my sister and her pug babies and drive with her alllll the way back to Oregon. I will be taking LOTS of pics, I hope.

2. I HAVE to sleep with a blanket on me.

3. In 1st grade I had the reading level of like a 4th-5th grader.

4. I can't swim very well.

5. The ocean scares the crap out of me but I really want to go on a cruise to Alaska and to go deep sea fishing.

6. I love to watch trashy reality shows.

7. I check my email like a gazillion times a day.

8. I love to make lists! haha



  1. I love a good list and alaska and deep sea fishing??! Take me!

  2. I love a good trashy reality show! Esp. on MTV!

  3. praying for you! :)
    a lot of these things sounds like me!! i am a total list maker!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who was confused about what day it is!! Oh, and I watch some tv I don't like to admit (Real Housewives.... but I am trying to stop!)

  5. and these are the reasons I wuv your blog!

  6. I love making lists too!
    Thinking of you and hoping all is okay!!
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  7. You can be afraid of the ocean, but go on a cruise.. you aren't IN the water, you're in a huge boat that is in the water! :) And we totally need to start saving & planning for our Alaskan Vacation! And I'm VERY excited for you to come and drive with me! And I make lists for everything!